UK COVID Confidence: Part Two

Aug 12, 2021

UK COVID Confidence: Part Two | SevenRooms

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UK COVID Confidence: Part Two | SevenRooms

When we released our first COVID Confidence report in 2020, we took a deeper look at how guest behavior had changed since the onset of COVID. This latest report, COVID Confidence: Part Two, examines how the expectations of UK consumers have evolved over the past 18 months, including what would make them ‘no show’ a reservation, what health and safety standards they still care about and what would make them more inclined to dine at a restaurant. 

The data includes:

49% of Brits say that being able to make a reservation ahead of time is an important factor in the guest experience 
38% of UK consumer now prefer to book direct when making a reservation 
31% of UK consumers say that customer reviews are an important factor in their decision to book a reservation
25% of diners want COVID safety measure to be communicated pre-visit 

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