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Bring experiential dining to the playing field

Craft experiential dining moments that hit expectations and revenue out of the park with integrated reservations, venue operations and marketing tools built for sports and entertainment venues.
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Let guests book seats and eats all in one place

Streamline reservations and scheduling with a user-friendly, customizable booking widget for any type of eatertainment activity. Showcase unique reservation types, custom durations and add-ons while automatically capturing guest data in your CRM.
Book time-based reservations, or any kind of unique game or activity, commission-free.
Offer combined reservations for tables and games, like bowling or bocce, and increase sales with add-ons and special experiences.
Highlight your brand within customized reservation and confirmation communications.
Grow your customer database with detailed guest profiles that build themselves.

Manage your venue with a smart playbook and platform

Keep activities rolling and stay a step ahead of guest needs with two-way SMS, in-service alerts and AI-powered table management. Our platform helps you boost covers while managing dining and entertainment together — with a personal touch.
Maximize covers and turns for each station or activity using smart table management.
Collect guest data automatically that helps you tailor experiences and communications.
View itemized order details on guest profiles with a CRM POS integration.
Get in-service notifications to level up VIP experiences and keep the venue running smoothly.

Turn up fan engagement with targeted, automated marketing that builds loyalty

Get a 360° view of guests and use profile data to run targeted marketing campaigns. Then, get insights on which marketing efforts are worthy of major league investments, and which ones aren’t moving the scoreboard.
Drive repeat sales automatically by advertising events, experiences or membership passes to your database with email marketing.
Create targeted experiences and promotions that capitalize on special dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
Keep your brand top of mind and build loyalty with automated email campaigns that bring customers back for more rounds of fun.

“We use SevenRooms to manage members and reservations at SPIN Toronto — and what a great choice it has been! Because our events and group reservations rely solely on this system, we needed it to be user-friendly, keep our information safe and be completely customizable to our unique needs. We received all of that and more with SevenRooms.”

Club Concierge, SPIN

“We do 4,000 covers a night. To be able to see who’s who and get them back in the door has had a big impact on our service. Being able to share guest data across properties helps us treat guests completely differently than before.”

Al Rajan, MLSE

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All the venue management tools to make every activity a hole-in-one

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