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See a single view of your guests across locations and brands

With a centralized and automated restaurant CRM system, your teams can organize and manage guest relationships at scale, and use guest profiles to drive personalized experiences and marketing.
Fully automate customer data collection with detailed guest profiles that build themselves.
Learn your guests' preferences with automated standard and custom profile tags such as “prefers booth” and “group regular.”
Track guest data both on- and off-premises and sync with your POS system to see itemized spend, dining and order history and preferences.
Make reporting and customer segmentation easy across brands, restaurants and regions to use in service and in marketing.

Engage your audience with creative, branded marketing campaigns

Our restaurant marketing platform helps you drum up interest in all the brands across your portfolio, gather guest feedback and promote upgrades and add-ons to guest reservations.
Build targeted restaurant email marketing campaigns to drive customer loyalty and promote specials.
Use automated emails to gather feedback and nurture guests.
Upgrade guests’ spend and upsell unique experiences, add-ons and events within the booking flow.
Cross-promote other locations and properties in your restaurant group.
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Dish up consistent service across locations with unified FOH operations

Streamline FOH operations, provide five-star service and maintain standard operating procedures across all locations in your group. 
Take the guesswork out of seating and managing your waitlist with a predictive waitlist that’s engaging for guests and manages overflow.
Provide VIPs or regulars direct access to your team with Private Line.
Give FOH staff a hand with our AI-powered seating algorithm that helps you seat guests efficiently.
Use guest data and Perks to provide cohesive service across venues.

Create a single source of truth for data and reporting across every location

Bring all your restaurant data, from every location, into a unified view to analyze trends and maintain guest satisfaction. Import data from your tech stack via APIs or integrations to cross-reference marketing, sales and customer experience data for better ROI.
Connect your systems with 100+ restaurant tech integrations like your POS, PMS and booking partners.
Eliminate data silos and see a single view of restaurant on- and off-premise operations and the guest experience.
Get robust tracking and group-level reporting dashboards to compare trends across your portfolio.
Track reporting consistently across venues, compare venue to venue performance and get insights on reservations, online orders and marketing trends by location.
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Take care of your guests, we’ll handle the rest

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