10 Dubai Food Influencers Your Restaurant Should Follow

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Sep 20, 2023

10 Dubai Food Influencers Your Restaurant Should Follow

Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t limited to family and friends anymore. Thanks to the power of social media, food influencers can drive hundreds of reservations and walk-ins to Dubai restaurants with just one Instagram post or TikTok video.

In fact, SevenRooms’ restaurant discovery & booking report shows that 43% of diners use influencers on social media to discover new restaurants, and that number increases to 60% between 18- to 34-year-olds. 

With influencer marketing significantly impacting diners’ decisions, partnering with local creators could be your ticket to more visibility and traffic. Keep reading to learn the top 10 food influencers in Dubai, how to work with them and tips for building successful partnerships. 

10 Top Dubai Food Influencers

No matter the type of cuisine you serve — from Emirati and Indian to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern — influencer marketing can help you attract more diners. 

Whether it’s a detailed menu review with a carousel of tempting photos or live footage of an influencer digging into their meal, working with content creators can lead to massive exposure and repeat visits from locals and tourists alike. 

1. Mr. Taster

mr taster instagram

With nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, Mr.Taster, real name Hubert Sepidnam, is a mega-influencer who has reviewed countless Dubai eateries, from fine dining to street food. 

His over-the-top Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube accounts make for an unforgettable journey through Dubai’s vibrant food scene. You’ll find behind-the-scenes food prep, theatrical tableside presentations and standout local dishes showcased across his social media channels. 

While his content is entertainment in itself, Mr. Taster prides himself on authentic reviews that drive engagement and restaurant visits from his loyal audience. This is evident through detailed captions where he highlights specific dishes and provides thoughtful feedback. 

Even better? He clearly displays the restaurant’s address, phone number and Instagram handle so his followers have an easy way to make plans for their next meal.

You can contact Mr. Taster for collaboration opportunities through his website

2. JustFoodDXB

justfooddbx instagram

Whether it’s shakshuka with an Indian twist or hand-pulled Chinese noodles, JustFoodDXB, aka Alex Augusti, shares Dubai’s hidden gems with his audience on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

With over 221,000 Instagram followers, this Dubai food influencer is known for his passion for good food and honest reviews. 

The content on Alex’s social media channels clearly resonates with his audience — nearly every Instagram post has a hefty amount of likes and comments. This shows his audience is actively engaged, a key ingredient of a successful food influencer partnership. 

Send Alex a direct message on social media if you’re interested in a collaboration. 

FYI: While 76.6% of marketers choose Instagram as their favorite influencer marketing platform, Facebook and TikTok aren’t far behind at 58% and 49%, respectively. 

3. Lavinaisranicom

food influencer dubai

Born and raised in Dubai, food and travel blogger Lavina Israni knows her city. She treats her over 123,000 Instagram followers to posts that feature everything from unconventional dosas and trending food items to the “world’s cheapest Michelin-starred meal.” 

With bold lettering across her posts and videos, she entices her audience to click her content with intriguing captions like “secret cocktail bar” and “best dessert ever.” She’s worked with global brands and been featured in publications like Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Lovin Dubai and National Lifestyle. 

Contact Lavina regarding food and beverage features through her website

4. Wheremyfoodat

wheremyfoodat dubai

Dubai foodies Kim and Den run the popular Instagram and TikTok account Wheremyfoodat. With 91,000 Instagram followers and likes and comments on every post, this food-loving duo plays an integral part in introducing fans to Dubai restaurants. 

Part of the fun of their social media presence is the variety of their posts — everything from a casual matcha cafe to a luxe Pan-Asian restaurant lines their feed. 

Send Kim and Den a direct message on social media for information on an influencer partnership for your restaurant. 

Pro Tip: When working with content creators on social media, ask them to use a direct restaurant booking link to send prospects to your site instead of a third-party listing. This helps create a more seamless, consistent customer experience and can help you better track your ROI.

5. Megsblogged

megsblogged instagram

Dubai-based foodie Meghana Rao runs the food, travel and hotel-themed Instagram account Megsblogged. Whether she’s reviewing upscale Georgian food, organic vegan offerings or simple sandwiches, she shares it all with her over 64,000 Instagram followers. 

As a seasoned traveler who’s been to 58 countries, Meghana’s followers know they can trust her judgment when it comes to outstanding food, drink and ambiance in Dubai. 

To catch Meghana’s eye for a review, restaurants should highlight fresh, local ingredients and a menu that’s inclusive to more than carnivores. 

“What motivates me to visit/accept an invite to a restaurant? A creative menu, locally sourced ingredients, seasonal menus and pop-ups,” Meghana says. “The restaurant should be inclusive and cater to all kinds of palates: vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian, as well as meat eaters. Trust is very important for creating a successful partnership with the restaurant/hotel.” 

Contact Meghana for influencer partnerships through her website

6. Zoe.Bowker 

zoe bowker food influencer

Zoe Bowker provides a glamorous glimpse into Dubai’s food and beverage scene (and the occasional after-party, too). Scrolling her feed reveals good eats, glittering chandeliers and fine wine — every photo a persuasive case for an immediate reservation. 

A highlight of Zoe’s social media presence is that she shows more than food. She gives her 51,000 Instagram followers the full picture with posts that detail restaurant interiors, cocktail offerings, staff and chefs.

Send Zoe a direct message on Instagram or through her website, The Luxeologist, for partnership opportunities.

7. Dubai Confidential 

dubai confidential influencer

Dubai Confidential’s social media presence is as tasteful as it is tasty. Refined dishes fill their feed from cuisines that span the globe, including Japanese, Italian, French, Afghan, Indian-Mexican fusion and more. 

By featuring upscale imagery and videos from local restaurants, Dubai Confidential gives their over 39,000 Instagram followers a view of the best fine dining Dubai has to offer, from brunch and afternoon tea to Michelin-star restaurants with 360-degree views. 

But influencer marketing is about much more than just tempting photos. Dubai Confidential knows that follower trust and authenticity are the keys to a mutually beneficial influencer/restaurant partnership: 

“Social media is the most powerful tool and the quickest way to attract potential diners,” they said. “We have a targeted audience, and by posting about the latest dining destination or innovative dish, we have a direct influence on them. Our loyal followers value and trust our opinion and won’t just bookmark the suggestions — they’ll go out and try them!”

Email DubaiConfidential at media(at) or contact them through their website for partnership opportunities. 

8. FooDiva 

foodiva food influencer dubai

With a “no freebies” policy, FooDiva’s nearly 33,000 Instagram followers know they can count on her for impartial reviews of Dubai’s latest and greatest eateries. While she doesn’t accept money in exchange for reviews, she will consider pitches to review Dubai-born restaurants less than three months old. 

As a Dubai resident for over two decades, FooDiva, real name Samantha Wood, has been featured extensively in the local and international press. This includes CNN’s “Culinary Journeys,” CNN Go’s Dubai travel feature and France 5’s Dubai travel show.

Her background as a food and travel writer is apparent in her thorough reviews; she highlights everything from restaurant chefs and service quality to ingredients and insider tips on Instagram and Facebook. 

FooDiva’s high engagement levels on social media are a testament to her authenticity. Real reviews inspire credibility and trust in her audience, which, in turn, can lead to more customers for each featured restaurant. 

Check out FooDiva’s Instagram page for links to her email and website to send her a pitch. 

9. Around2UAE

around2uae instagram

Whether it’s sushi at a new hot spot, breakfast on the beach or Italian food with an unforgettable view, Around2UAE has reviewed it. Each video gives their over 23,000 Instagram followers a view of the restaurant decor, ambiance, staff, scenery, cocktails and cuisine. 

This level of detail, along with authentic feedback, inspires their audience to try these United Arab Emirates (UAE) spots for themselves. 

If you’d like to speak to Around2UAE about a collaboration, send them a direct message on Instagram. 

Pro Tip: Don’t just assume your influencer marketing campaign was a success. Use a tool like SevenRooms to track the ROI, including visits, reservations and email addresses. 

10. Courtneybrandt

courtneybrandt food influencer

With a focus on fine dining and hospitality, American expat Courtney Brandt gives her followers a taste of the good life in Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi. As a well-known food blogger, she’s been featured by national publications and local press, including Forbes Middle East and DXB Today.

On her feed, photos of flawlessly presented dishes, desserts and cocktails tempt her over 20,000 Instagram followers into trying these items firsthand. Whether it’s Chilean sea bass, aged beef tartare or the classic dirty martini, Courtney’s account is a decadent celebration of Dubai’s food scene. 

Courtney, who is always on the lookout for her next favorite original dish, is particular about which restaurants she features to ensure she maintains a high standard of quality for her brand and audience. 

“When choosing restaurants to visit and share with my audience, my focus tends to be on locally developed concepts, or towards chefs that have been part of the community for some time,” Courtney says. “I personally prioritize traditional menus over launches and flashy events, as I want to truly understand what a kitchen is actually offering and feature only dishes that will be available for others to enjoy.”

For restaurants looking for a way to attract more food reviewers, Courtney recommends offering transportation compensation: 

“If I had any specific advice to offer, it is always much easier to say ‘yes’ to a venue when transportation is provided or discounted. Getting around in the UAE can get expensive, and any help in this area is always appreciated. Otherwise, my DMs are open, and I am always happy to have a chat. Even if I cannot personally get to a restaurant sooner rather than later, I can always use my social media and network to promote chefs and what’s on offer. We’re all in this together.”

If you’d like to work with Courtney, send her an email at atozaatar(at) or check out her Substack

Get More Customers With Influencer Marketing 

Traditional advertising has its advantages, but for a more authentic approach, try influencer marketing. 

A recommendation from a trusted Dubai food blogger can continue to generate traffic and reservations far beyond the initial posting date. Look for food influencers with a highly engaged audience and honest feedback to help fill your restaurant year-round. 

Ready to get started with influencer marketing? Learn everything you need to know in our influencer marketing guide, from finding the right influencer to running your first campaign. 

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