How to Use Facebook Business Extension to Acquire More Guests and Boost Revenue

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Feb 28, 2022

How to Use Facebook Business Extension to Acquire More Guests and Boost Revenue

Today’s restaurateurs understand that housekeeping involves much more than sweeping floors and polishing glassware, and savvy operators know that keeping an eye on every inch of their digital real estate is just as important. That’s why more and more restaurants are turning to Facebook Business Extension (FBE) to help optimize their online presence.

Simply put, FBE tools empower hospitality operators to leverage their social channels to drive more reservations, more orders and ultimately more revenue to their businesses. This starts with meeting your audience where they are, and making it as easy as possible for them to interact with your brand.

With roughly 3 billion active users on Facebook and 1 billion on Instagram each month, both channels remain an essential part of restaurant marketing. Luckily, “Reserve” or “Book Now” buttons can be prominently featured on both your Instagram and Facebook profiles, allowing your followers to make reservations without ever leaving the app:

“Book Now” buttons feature prominently on this Chicago steakhouse’s Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Guests booking through these channels avoid the headache of downloading another app, while operators who choose a direct reservations solution avoid the per-cover fees commonly charged by third-party marketplaces. Plus, these restaurants are able to capture the valuable guest data — including email and phone number — that helps them grow their guest database automatically.

A white-labeled booking widget also gives multi-venue operators the ability display reservation availability for several locations in one place, encouraging crossover bookings and keeping business “in the family”:

Guests who don’t find availability in one venue can quickly scan sister properties within the same hospitality group.

Worldwide, consumer demand for the convenience of online ordering continues to rise. That’s why more and more restaurants at every price tier choose to incorporate takeout and delivery into their existing operations. But traditional third-party platforms cost operators both data and dollars. So why pay these digital landlords when FBE tools allow for a no-cost, low maintenance way to merchandise your on- and off-premise offerings in one place?

From Neapolitan-style pizza to Italian pantry staples, Facebook Business Extension helps you leverage your Instagram following to boost off-premise revenue in creative ways.

We’ve seen how utilizing Facebook Business Extension can help you effortlessly grow your guest database. But how can you keep those guests coming back? Luckily, marketing automation software can help you follow up with every guest, every time. A ready-built library of tried and tested email campaigns empowers you to segment and engage with your audience without lifting a finger. By sending the right message to the right guest at the right time, you’ll be able to turn first-timers into regulars.

Pro Tip: Create a “Booked via FB/IG” auto-tag for guests who make reservations via these channels. Then, utilize marketing automation tools to reach out to them with exclusive dine-in offers, delivery promo codes and more.

Book a demo today to learn how SevenRooms works in conjunction with Facebook Business Extension to help you boost revenue, avoid commission fees and drive repeat business.

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