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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Bring guests back with restaurant marketing software that boosts loyalty.

Drive revenue automatically

Send the right message at the right time with our email marketing software for restaurants. Leverage our library of Automated Emails proven to drive incremental visits and orders — or create your own emails. Either way, you’ll be able to set it, forget it and smile as you watch the results roll in.

Commonly used emails:

  • CheckmarkWe miss you / lapsed regular
  • CheckmarkNo-show and cancellations
  • CheckmarkFirst visit thank you
  • CheckmarkPositive and negative feedback
  • CheckmarkAnd countless other emails! 

Personalized marketing at scale

Unless you’re superhuman, you can’t remember every guest’s favorite dish and don’t have time to send every customer a hand-crafted email every week. That’s where SevenRooms’ hospitality Marketing Automation comes in. We put your marketing efforts on steroids by automating guest profile creation. Our restaurant marketing platform populates each profile with data from on- and off-premise interactions, so you’ll always know a guest’s favorite dishes, how they book, how much they spend and how often they order. Then, we help you flip these favorites into marketing messages to make every guest feel special.

  • CheckmarkAutomated profile tagging based on your rules
  • CheckmarkSegmented marketing lists
  • CheckmarkCustom experiences
  • CheckmarkTargeted offers and promotions 

Cross-sell with ease

A fully-integrated front-of-house platform means you get a 360-degree view of your guests, and can use that data to cultivate deeper relationships and more targeted Automated Emails. Promote reservations to your delivery regulars. Promote delivery to guests who’ve only dined on-premise with you. Want to give your big spenders early access to holiday tables? Our restaurant marketing software makes it easy.

  • CheckmarkGroup landing pages
  • CheckmarkGroup offers directory 
  • CheckmarkShared guest database
  • CheckmarkGlobal profile tagging

Track campaign performance

Be a data-driven marketer with SevenRooms. Our email campaign tracking and real-time performance dashboards give you complete visibility into the performance of every marketing campaign on a channel-by-channel basis. You can easily zero in and double down on what works best.

Track KPIs like:

  • CheckmarkEmail opens and clicks
  • CheckmarkOrders and reservations generated
  • CheckmarkCampaign revenue

All the restaurant marketing tools you need to succeed.

At the core of the SevenRooms platform is the world’s best hospitality CRM software for restaurants — but that’s just the beginning. We help you build relationships before guests even enter your space, and we ensure you stay top of mind as you strengthen your connection and bring guests back again and again. The best part: it’s all automated.


Preset Automated Emails

Get going from day one with proven emails.


HTML Editor

Bring your brand to life with fully customizable emails. 


Exclusive Offers

Maximize results with digital promotions that are only available to specific customer segments.


Custom Landing Pages

Merchandize your promotions and events


Confirmation & Reminder Emails

Build excitement before the meal and reduce no-shows. 


Automated Feedback Surveys

Capture feedback fast and first — before it’s posted online.


Data Privacy

Send email with confidence — we’re fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA.  

Interested in …


CRM & Guest Profiles

360-degree view of your guests across on- and off-premise interactions.


Guest Feedback

Capture feedback fast and first — before it’s posted online.

“Adding SevenRooms preset campaigns to our email marketing strategy has been a huge timesaver for our staff and allows us to treat every one of our guests like a VIP. We love the professional approach of the emails; they’re well thought out and are a good representation of our brand.”

David Haffner, General Manager
Brodeur’s Bistro


Let’s drive your business forward