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Podcast: The Importance of Personalization

by Molly Weinberg
Molly Weinberg

Every customer wants a unique and tailored experience no matter what they are buying or where they are going. This is especially true in the hospitality and restaurant industries; beyond great cuisine and excellent service, there is certainly a desire for more. And that more comes in the form of personalization. To dissect this topic, we partnered with Marketscale's Food & Beverage Podcast producers and interviewed Alice Wilson, reservations and membership director of Inception Group, a London-based SevenRooms' client with a number of unique bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Having a personal connection with diners traditionally has been something that would begin with the maître d’, who knew frequent diners’ names and was able to carry on a conversation like old friends. Unfortunately, that strategy, especially in a tourist-heavy city, is not scalable or practical in the modern world.

“Knowing the face and name is great and makes the guest feel special. But it’s not something you can do on a large scale without the help of technology,” Wilson said.

More and more, venues are embracing technology that allows them to track visitors and interact with them. But is there a clear ROI on the tech? Wilson explains why the answer to that question is yes in this podcast.

Podcast on Personalization featuring Alice Wilson of Inception Group

About the Author

Molly Weinberg

Molly got the hospitality bug in High School and has been in the industry since. From Cornell's Hotel School, Molly entered the hospitality technology world with a mission to help operators run more successful businesses. At SevenRooms, Molly is Director of Demand Generation where she focuses on growing our network through a variety of marketing channels.


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