Here's What Launched in August 2018

Here's what we've been working on at SevenRooms over the past month...

We Now Integrate With Lightspeed POS

It’s here, it’s ready, and it’s code-less!

Contact your CSM for more details.

Country Code Picker for Phone Numbers Is Here

Now, whenever you type a phone number for a guest who’s from outside of the U.S., we’ll automatically identify the country for you once you type “+” and the country code.

Then, we’ll add a flag icon so you can see it easily in-service: 

This one lives on the reservation fly-out for web for now. (You’ll see it come to mobile and the client page in the future.)

Guests Can Modify A Reservation Without Having to Cancel

This new ability to edit reservation details will live on confirmation and reminder emails.

Now, when a party books a reservation online, the guest who booked can click to to modify.

No more inflated cancellation rates because the guest doesn’t want to call so cancels and re-books instead.

They can do it all online, in the touch of a button and 5 seconds flat.

modify reservation flow sevenrooms

Don’t want this on, or want to set a cutoff time? You can control a guest’s ability to modify their reservation just like you could the ability to cancel before — in Shift and Access Rules.


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