Keep Your Guests In The Family

Now, it’s easy for guests to book reservations across all of your properties.

Whether a guest is on a restaurant site and there’s no availability, or they’re on your group site and want to book a reservation fast — we have three features to help you keep your guests in the family.

What it means for you:

Here’s what features SevenRooms offers for hospitality groups and restaurants with multiple properties: 

1. For your guests on a restaurant’s website: Our Cross-Cell capability lets visitors see availability at sister locations if the venue they sought out is booked for the date, time, or party size they want.

Let's say a guest is on the Burger and Barrel website, looking for reservations.

Once they search, they realize that there aren't any table openings available.

But Burger & Barrel's sister properties under the same hospitality group — Mercer Street Hospitality — do have openings:

Ready to get set up? Check out our help article — especially the part with the text to send your web developer. He or she will need to pass a new parameter for “all venues” in your initialize script to add sister properties as a cross-sell.

2. For guests on your group’s website: Our Cross-Sell Group Widget lets guests on your hospitality group’s website view access across all of your properties at once (or whichever properties you choose to show). So they have a better user experience, they can check out faster, and you avoid the drop off that can happen by driving guests somewhere else to book.

Want to get your hospitality group set up? Email your CSM or contact

 3. For anytime a guest doesn’t see their desired availability: Our "Requests" feature lets you give guests on your website the ability to submit their details when you don't have the availability they're looking for — in case your book opens up or you can make an exception given their situation.

You can set this up quickly by going to Marketing > Reservations widget settings.  

Go to “Enable Requests” and toggle it to ON. That’s it! Now your widget will start taking Requests.

You can also go to Settings > User accounts to make sure that you get email alerts as Requests come in (set “New Request Alerts” to ON).

Any time you want to check your Requests queue, just go to the Requests tab from desktop.


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