Tools to Drive Orders & Maximize Revenue

The world's changed - we're here to help. Having access to the right technology can unlock reservations, seating management, virtual waitlists, and more. SevenRooms offers you all of these tools and integrates them with one platform, so you are building guest profiles and tracking guest data. Learn more below.

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Fully Integrated Reservation & Seating Management

Integrated web and mobile applications, advanced reservation management capabilities, and our industry-leading auto-assign algorithm maximize covers and revenue so you can more easily manage crowds.

Allow Guests to Join a Waitlist from Anywhere

Avoid queues at the host stands and allow your guests to join your waitlist from anywhere. Our white-labeled waitlist widget is accessible on any browser, allows guest to see their status in the queue and hosts to communicate via 2-way SMS texting.

Enable Contactless Ordering + Payment

Diners access your online menu on their own smartphone by entering a URL, tapping a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, or scanning a QR code. They can order and pay for food and beverages securely, all without swiping a card, opening a tab, signing a receipt, or waiting in line with a credit card, Apple or Google Pay.

Better Guest Experiences

Our CRM guest database offers holistic guest profiles with details ranging from allergies to past purchases and taste preferences, helping you deliver scalable, personalized service.

Ready to meet guest expectations & drive revenue?

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