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Playbooks & Guides / November 20, 2023

VIP Playbook: How to Identify & Keep Your Most Valuable Diners

restaurant VIP

It’s a busy Saturday night. Reservations are pouring in, there’s a 30-minute wait and your team’s firing on all cylinders — no one seems to notice the important guest seated at table 10. It isn’t until the end of the shift that your manager suddenly realizes they dropped the ball on the reservation. Sound familiar?

Delivering a VIP experience requires planning and flawless execution. However, the chaos of busy shifts, staff turnover and disparate technology systems create service inefficiencies. These missed opportunities to surprise and delight your most valuable guests can disincentivize loyalty and hurt your bottom line.

This guide unveils the secrets to mastering VIP hospitality, giving you actionable tools and strategies to better identify and nurture valuable guest relationships. Find out how leveraging guest data and a detailed playbook inspired by industry-leading restaurants can help your team stay organized to deliver an incredible VIP experience across every touchpoint of your business.

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