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Success Story / April 23, 2021

Brodeur’s Bistro Creates 9,000 New Guest Profiles in 6 Months with Virtual Waitlist

Brodeur’s Bistro, a popular neighborhood staple known for mixing Montreal and New Orleans cuisine has been building popularity since opening its doors to the Vancouver, BC area in 2013. Given that they operated as walk-in only during the weekends, it wouldn’t be uncommon to visit Brodeur’s for a weekend brunch and expect a short wait.

After 7 years in business, Brodeur’s was looking for a way to ditch their inefficient paper and pen processes in hopes of delivering more accurate wait-times to their guests and to streamline host stand operations. They quickly discovered that turning to technology came with a slew of added benefits.

In this case study, you’ll hear from the Brodeur’s Bistro General Manager about how they used SevenRooms to:

  • Streamline their walk-in operations
  • Improved guest engagement with a virtual waitlist
  • Rapidly built their guest database
  • Used their newly found data to drive retention with automated marketing

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