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Build Your Brand
With SevenRooms

All the tools you need to stand out from the crowd.

Own your digital touchpoints 

Your brand is front and center with SevenRooms. Our booking and ordering pages, website plugins and outbound emails are customized to your brand — not a third party. Plug your SevenRooms booking and ordering pages into your website, Google listing, social media and other marketing channels to fully own your online presence. 

Be known for exceptional service

Nothing fills seats like a reputation for great customer service. SevenRooms arms your front-of-house staff with real-time and historical guest data that helps you provide truly personalized service. Guest profiles give you an easily accessible snapshot of your customers, their history with your business and even what they like to eat and drink. 

Understand guest sentiment  

SevenRooms gives you tools to gather customer feedback first and fast — before it’s posted online. Getting feedback directly gives you an opportunity to build relationships with those who gave high scores and win back those who didn’t. With SevenRooms Review Aggregation, you have access to a complete view of guest sentiment, including feedback from Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor and Grubhub, all from a single dashboard. Link online reviews to guest profiles to know the next time an online reviewer walks in. 

Keep them coming back directly

Influencing how and when customers make their next visit or order is critical to building brand loyalty. SevenRooms gives you the tools you need to keep guests coming back to your direct  — i.e. your most profitable — channels. Event-based triggers allow you to set up ongoing automated marketing campaigns based on specific thresholds, like days since a last visit or total spend, to re-market to guests and drive repeat bookings and orders.  

All the tools you need to succeed

At the core of the SevenRooms platform is the world’s best CRM software for restaurants — but that’s just the beginning. We help you build relationships before guests even enter your space, and we ensure you stay top of mind as you strengthen your connection and bring guests back again and again. The best part: It’s all automated.


White-Labeled Booking & Ordering Widgets

Keep your brand front & center while avoiding third-party fees.


Upsells, Experiences & Events

Showcase what separates you from the rest, while driving additional revenue. 


Automated Direct Feedback Surveys

Capture feedback fast — and first, before it’s posted online.


Email Templates

Get you started with automated marketing from day one. 


Guest Profile Auto-Tags

Identify repeat customers with ease for personalized service and marketing. 


Review Aggregation

Keep your finger on the pulse of guest satisfaction.

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CRM & Guest Profiles

Your customers, your data, your relationships. All wrapped up in one restaurant CRM system.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Bring guests back automatically with restaurant marketing software that boosts loyalty.

“SevenRooms allows us to learn about our guests before, during and after their experience — and that’s awesome. It’s enabled us to start taking a whole new approach to targeted marketing.

IGC Hospitality Group

Let’s drive your business forward