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Make the ‘Wow’ Moments Happen

The restaurant operations tools and insights you need to create consistent, memorable and personalized experiences for every guest.

Every dining experience is a chance to impress

Your guests have been waiting for this moment — make it count. SevenRooms’ restaurant operations tools put everything you need at your fingertips, from a best-in-class table management system and real-time notifications to seamless POS integration. You’ll keep seats filled all day, drive bookings across your properties and fulfill online orders with ease.

SevenRooms’ robust guest profiles are at the heart of it all. Automatically built at every touchpoint, they’re like a cheat sheet for creating exceptional experiences, both on- and off-premise. Your front-of-house team can focus on delivering the memorable moments that bring guests back again and again.

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How it works


On-premise restaurant operations

Make every visit a memorable one. SevenRooms helps you run a smooth front-of-house, even on your busiest days. Our auto-assign seating algorithm maximizes covers and turns while getting guests to their seats quickly and easily. With centralized guest profiles and real-time, two-way POS integration, your restaurant operations team can delight every guest, greeting return customers with a “welcome back” and giving recommendations based on past purchases.


Off-premise restaurant operations

SevenRooms’ restaurant operations software helps you flawlessly execute every delivery and takeout order. Online tools on your website and social media channels, branded for your restaurant, turn delivery and takeout ordering into a personalized experience. POS integration lets you sidestep manual order entry and facilitates a smoother pickup process at the host stand, resulting in fewer errors and happier customers.

Achieve your goals, on your terms

SevenRooms optimizes the guest experience and the operator experience. It’s built from the ground up to help me run my business more effectively. I like the fact that we have more control now with SevenRooms.

Chad Mackay, CEO
Fire & Vine Hospitality

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