Here's What Launched in March 2019.

Below is a recap of SevenRooms product releases over the past month:

Now You Can Edit The Reminder Texts Your Guests Receive

Scenario: Your guests are receiving reminder texts before their reservations.

Which is great. SevenRooms clients have always had the option of choosing whether this reminder is sent as an SMS text or by email as well as the timing of the send. Both the text and the email give the guest the ability to reply to confirm or cancel.

But the SMS text option has always begun with the language “Reminder!” and we've learned that some restaurants would rather use a different tone.

Solution: Now, restaurants can customize the language on their outgoing texts to guests. So it says what they want and sounds like their brand.

Log into SevenRooms from a web browser and go to General > Settings.

Scroll to the “Reservation Reminder Emails” section and you’ll see an option to edit the text.


Customizations To Try Out

Hey, it’s <venue_name>. Just a reminder that [...]


Your reservation at <venue_name> is <date>. Please confirm that [...]


Hey <first_name>, it’s <venue_name>. Don’t forget, [...]


Note: If you don’t see this on, contact your CSM — your venue must have reminders set to emails

We Now Integrate With Bindo Point of Sale

Restaurants who use Bindo as their point of sale (POS) system, you’re in luck.

We just launched a formal integration with Bindo, which means restaurants can link checks in Bindo to reservations in SevenRooms by using our check link interface. Just like our other POS integrations, once linked, a party's check data will flow into the SevenRooms app. On top of this, table status will automatically update on the SevenRooms floor plan once a check is paid in Bindo.

This POS integration also has exciting implications for the guest profile:

bindo sevenrooms 1

bindo sevenrooms 2

Get more information on SevenRooms’ POS integration capabilities here.



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