Hotel restaurant management software for personalized and connected F&B experiences. With SevenRooms, never miss an opportunity to wow your guests. You have access to data across your entire property and tools to increase direct reservations at no additional cost.

Connect F&B Data Across Properties

Leverage F&B data as the cornerstone of a more holistic experience for your guests. Share guest profiles and reservation data across outlets – all while syncing with your hotel food and beverage management in real-time.

Own Your Direct Reservations

With SevenRooms, managing direct bookings is simple, streamlined and puts your brand first to reduce cover fees from third-party booking sites.

Personalize Service & Marketing

Our integrative food and beverage management system provides access to detailed guest information and enables you to tailor guest service and create smarter, more personalized ROI-driven marketing campaigns. You'll reward loyal guests while encouraging repeat visits across properties.


"At Jumeirah Group, knowing our customers and providing them with memorable experiences is at the core of our business. Every decision we make supports delivering to that objective so we are thrilled to not only find a technology platform that gives us the ability to provide our customers personalized service, but to be working with a company, SevenRooms, that shares in this philosophy."

Create better hospitality experiences, every day.

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