A fully-integrated reservation, seating and restaurant management system that drives direct reservations. SevenRooms connects restaurants directly with their guests to deliver exceptional guest service, streamline operations, and boost their bottom lines.

Boost Your Bottom Line With Direct Reservations

Our white-label reservation widget eliminates fees for direct bookings, offering the ability to market and sell unique guest experiences. Plus, you get no-fee direct reservations from Instagram, Facebook, Google and more.

Own Your Guest Relationships

From dining preferences to past visits and purchase history, SevenRooms restaurant management platform grants you complete ownership of guest data. That means you can treat every guest like a regular, on the regular.

Streamline Operations to Reduce Costs

Guest profiles, live-spend POS integration, in-service alerts and industry-leading seating management tools power exceptional service and better decision-making on the fly.


"The ROI from SevenRooms was greater than we imagined. With SevenRooms we were able to reduce the costs associated with third party booking fees and the cost of our reservations team by more than 50%. There is no other system on the market that could have gotten us these results, and we certainly couldn't have done it alone."

The h.wood Group

"We use SevenRooms’ platform extensively, enabling us to provide a high-level of service across all our locations.The system’s client tags and notes have enabled us to organize and improve our extensive guest database. But most importantly, those tags combined with POS integration and live spend data enable us to provide personalized hospitality to each of our guests."

In Good Company

"SevenRooms gives us the tools we need to interact with our guests on a deeper level and amplify their experience across our properties. We now understand the guest more than ever because we know them. By tracking guest preferences and history, as well as collecting emails and insights to remarket back to our guests, we have boosted loyalty – resulting in additional revenue for our company. "

LDV Hospitality

"SevenRooms is the tool and vehicle we use to truly understand what the guest wants, who they are, what their patterns are. That data allows us to truly cultivate a customized, unique experience for the guest. And frankly it’s fun. It just furthers our knowledge of who’s in our restaurants, who our loyal guests are, and how we can better take care of them. All of that is a tremendously accretive enhancement to our business."

China Grill Management

"As the operator of several restaurants, both large and small, it's crucial for me to understand our guests on a deep level across all our locations, especially with the high-volume, fast-paced restaurants in our portfolio. SevenRooms not only provides me with rich data into our guests, but also has great mobile apps to easily view this information (and put a reservation in the books) from anywhere in the world."


"After trying out several reservation systems, we've found that SevenRooms' platform is unlike any other in the industry because it lets us understand our guests before they even walk in the door. We use the system to run every aspect of our daily operations and take full advantage of the integration with our POS system to capture guest's check information. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and SevenRooms helps us get there."

Own Your Guest Relationships: The Direct Reservations Playbook for Restaurants

Want to Fill Your Seats for Less? Direct Reservations Is the Answer.

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