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Restaurant management tools to delight customers — no matter where they’re dining.


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Exceptional experiences, your way

SevenRooms’ restaurant CRM software makes your vision of spectacular hospitality become a reality. We do that by giving you tools to own your guest data and guest relationships — and empowering you with purpose-built solutions that give you total control over your guest experience, on- and off-premise. The result? More revenue, driven by happier guests that come back more often.

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Build direct relationships

We’ll never get between you and your customers. With SevenRooms’ restaurant management software, you own and control your guest relationships and data.

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Boost profits

Say goodbye to cover fees and delivery commissions. Plus, revenue-generating tools help you capture revenue in advance and decrease no-shows and cancellations.

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Increase retention

SevenRooms’ CRM software for restaurants is proven to increase repeat business. Our automated marketing makes personalized marketing easy and keeps you top of mind between meals.

Your brand, front & center

SevenRooms’ restaurant CRM software cuts out the middleman between you and your guests. We put your brand out front and plug you in directly to the booking and ordering channels you care most about. Commission-free orders and reservations are just the beginning. You’ll capture rich guest data and reduce no-shows, cancellations and abandonments by starting the relationship and getting diners invested in the experience right from the start.

  • CheckmarkWhite-labeled waitlist, reservations and ordering
  • CheckmarkGoogle and social media integrations
  • CheckmarkZero cover fees or delivery commissions
  • CheckmarkEasy database segmentation
  • CheckmarkPCI-compliant payments

360° view of every guest

SevenRooms’ restaurant CRM system provides a fully-integrated, front-of-house platform across both on- and off-premise operations which enables us to create a truly holistic view of your guests, your business and your future. Our profiles track more than 100 data points per guest and are supported by real-time and itemized POS data. We use this data to power automation across the guest journey, including auto-tagging guest profiles, enforcing advanced inventory access rules and creating rich customer segmentation for personalized marketing campaigns.

  • CheckmarkOn- and off-premise history
  • CheckmarkReal-time POS data with itemized spend
  • CheckmarkStandard and custom guest tags
  • CheckmarkAutomatic profile building
  • CheckmarkGuest feedback linked to profiles

Best-in-class table & order management

From casual concepts and 500-seat restaurants to intimate, fine-dining venues, SevenRooms’ CRM software works for every type of restaurant. Our fully-integrated iOS and web apps make it easy to manage reservations alongside requests, waitlist guests, and online orders. You’ll drive more revenue and improve satisfaction. Two-way SMS texting helps you stay in touch with every guest, on- and off-premise, while mobile push notifications provide in-service updates to staff.

  • CheckmarkIntegrated web and iOS applications
  • CheckmarkPredictive waitlist
  • CheckmarkAI-powered auto-seating algorithm
  • CheckmarkIn-service alerts and notifications
  • CheckmarkTwo-way SMS

Boost revenue, increase retention

SevenRooms’ restaurant management software unlocks endless possibilities for personalized service and targeted marketing at scale. Tools like special experiences, slot descriptions, upgrades and more let you capture revenue in advance while offering guests the chance to customize their visit. Post-meal, you’ll understand guest sentiment instantly while marketing automation tools help you segment your client database to deliver the right message to the right guests at the right time.

  • CheckmarkPCI-compliant payments
  • CheckmarkExperiences, add-ons, upsells, ticket sales
  • CheckmarkOnline review aggregation
  • CheckmarkStay connected with every guest through marketing automation

Built for groups

SevenRooms restaurant management system makes it easy to manage, share and leverage data across your organization.  Plus, centralized access to reservation inventory across your properties means you can keep guests coming back to book right where they should be — in the group.

  • CheckmarkMulti-venue booking widget
  • CheckmarkCross-selling tools 
  • CheckmarkCentralized guest database
  • CheckmarkAdvanced user permissions
  • CheckmarkGroup-level reporting
  • CheckmarkGlobal search and availability for central reservation teams

Ethan Stowell Restaurants shares guest data across 14 locations

/ Results

10% increase in covers

Cross-selling tools keep reservations in the family when one restaurant is fully booked.

30-minute turn time reduction

Table management tools like the SevenRooms seating algorithm optimize every location’s floorplan.

All the restaurant management tools you need to succeed.

At the core of the SevenRooms platform is the world’s best CRM software for restaurants — but that’s just the beginning. We help you build relationships before guests enter your venue, and we ensure you stay top of mind as you strengthen relationships and bring guests back. The best part: it’s all automated.


Online Ordering

Make takeout profitable with no commission fees.

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Make waiting more engaging, letting guests join the waitlist from anywhere.

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Mobile Order & Pay

Keep orders flowing with safe and simple on-premise ordering.

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Off-Premise Operations

Fulfill takeout and delivery orders flawlessly.

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Marketing Automation

Send the right message at the right time — automatically.

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Fill tables, reduce no-shows and showcase your brand.

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Events & Experiences

Wow guests and drive revenue with unique and creative experiences.

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On-Premise Operations

Maximize covers, manage crowds and make guests feel special.

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Direct Guest Feedback

Capture feedback fast and first, before it’s posted online.

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Review Aggregation

Track, analyze and manage all your reviews from one place.

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