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Atelier House Generates 538k AED in One Year With Marketing Automation

Feb 8, 2024

Atelier House Generates 538k AED in One Year With Marketing Automation

The words “innovative” and “groundbreaking” are often used when describing restaurant concepts, but Atelier House Hospitality truly earns these descriptors. 

As a subsidiary of the U.S.-based Altamarea Group, the boutique restaurant group operates seven unique concepts in Dubai.

The group also acts as a restaurant consultancy firm specialising in concept development, menu design and marketing — all while consistently redefining what it means to be a successful restaurant. 

For example, Atelier House Hospitality broke the mould when they opened 11 Woodfire, the first non-alcoholic venue to be awarded a Michelin star in the world.

During the restaurant’s opening, they were in search of a reservation platform that would integrate with their existing POS, Tevalis. But they also wanted a user-friendly system that would make training fast and easy and improve efficiency.

Their search ended when they found SevenRooms. The Atelier House Hospitality team was impressed with how accessible and customisable the CRM system was and its ability to integrate seamlessly with Tevalis.  

As Alexandru Popescu, director of operations for Atelier House Hospitality, noted: 

“We were looking for three things in a CRM: integration, user-friendliness and intuitiveness. It’s the way SevenRooms is built and the way it works — it’s more logical to me than other systems. It makes more sense to me and to people in general when you train them.”

But it wasn’t just the interface they found to be effective. The switch to SevenRooms allowed them to collect valuable guest data, like email addresses, birth dates and guest preferences, to make their marketing campaigns more targeted and effective. 

After implementing SevenRooms’ CRM and marketing software, Atelier House Hospitality was thrilled with the results. They generated 538,447 AED ($146,596.77) in incremental revenue and drove 3,698 covers in one year.

Wowing Every Guest, Every Time 

With SevenRooms’ CRM, Alexandru and his team can create guest profiles that enable everyone, from marketing to servers, to create an outstanding customer experience.

Using custom Auto-Tags, the team takes notes on customers, including dining preferences, special requests and more. This allows them to deliver highly personalised service across channels, from in-restaurant to email inboxes. 

To ensure servers deliver an exceptional experience, they’re given printed chits before and during service. These briefings contain everything they need to know about a particular guest, from their favourite wine to past reviews. 

Since SevenRooms collects data through reservations, guest profiles and POS system integration, Atelier House Hospitality is able to put detailed guest knowledge in the palms of servers’ hands — literally. 

Automations That Drive Loyalty and Revenue 

Atelier House Hospitality doesn’t limit guest communication and connection to their dining rooms — they use SevenRooms’ Automated Email software to stay in touch and keep customers coming back for more. To show appreciation and drive repeat visits, they send personalised thank you emails and follow up with guests who haven’t visited in a while.

In one year, this strategy generated 538,447 AED (or $146,596.77) in incremental revenue for Atelier House Hospitality’s venues.  In fact, each email generated an average of 23.47AED /$6.39 USD in revenue (which is 4.6x the industry standard). And their email open rate? It’s double the average rate at 62 percent. 

These impressive results clearly show that email marketing is an extremely successful way for Alexandru and the team to communicate with customers. Plus, implementing Automated Emails lightens the load for the team while helping to improve guest satisfaction.

“The marketing automation allows us to send emails from the GMs and they’re working really well. It provides that personal touch that customers respond to,” said Alexandru. 

Reputation management has also been made easier with SevenRooms’ review aggregation features. Not only can they view all their reviews in one place, but they can also link them to guest profiles. This allows Alexandru and the team to quickly follow up with reviewers. Most importantly, it enables them to know when past reviewers walk through the door so they can deliver personalised customer service every time. 

“We are very actively monitoring reviews,” Alexandru said. “If there’s a negative or positive review, we can easily get back to them. That’s part of the whole thing: simplicity. It’s very easy for people to review our restaurants and we get a lot of feedback from SevenRooms. I think it’s the biggest feedback generator — even more than Google Maps.”

Implementing SevenRooms’ marketing features has been so successful that Atelier House Hospitality has been able to cut down on external marketing software. They’ve also hired an in-house marketing team so they can take advantage of more SevenRooms’ features, like upgrades and email newsletters. 

With the SevenRooms’ platform rolled out to two venues and the team ready to provide highly personalised service, Atelier House Hospitality is poised for an even more successful year. 

“Everyone who asks me for a reservation platform, I always recommend SevenRooms because it’s the most straightforward, easy and stable system. It provides a lot of benefits that other systems don’t.” 

Interested in learning how SevenRooms marketing and operations platform can help you reap the benefits of personalisation both in and out of your dining room? Schedule a demo to learn how guest data can make all the difference.